Verge Studio Art Camp Rocked!

Thank you to everyone who made the Verge Studio Art Camp a success! It was a fun filled two weeks of art making. Just a few of the amazing projects that kids worked on were making a cardboard totem pole, creating clay representations of their favorite foods, directing a claymation film, and collaborating on a tape installation. Under the guidance of Verge artists, students grew their confidence as artists in their own right. Parents at the end of each week’s open house were thrilled to see all of the truly remarkable art that kids produced. Everyone brought their artistic vision to life and had a great time in the process!

The program, classroom infrastructure, and materials were made possible by the Sacramento Region Community Foundation’s generous grant. Students were outfitted with materials by University Art, who also provided expert advice on materials and techniques. 

Additional thanks go to social service organizations throughout Sacramento whose partnership and support made it possible to provide scholarships to over half of the participants. Thank you to Staging A Miracle, United Christian Centers of Sacramento, The Wellspring Women’s Center, and Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.

See photos from the 2014 Studio Art Camp here...

Please join us again next year for the Verge Studio Art Camp!

Comming Soon...Verge's fall educational programming lineup. Keep checking our website for the full class schedule for kids and adults!


After four years of hard work Verge is ready to party!!!

Now that Verge has FINALLY reopened we want to share our success with the public! Join us for Verge's Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday, July 12th at 7pm. The night will feature DJs, food trucks, and a live performance by "Champagne" curator Yarrow Slaps. 

WHAT: Verge's Grand Opening Celebration 
WHEN: Saturday, July 12th, 7pm 
WHERE: 625 S Street (corner of S and 7th)


DJ Gourmet and MC Ham of HECKRAP
Century got Bars
Go Gettas feat. Yarrow Slaps! 

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"CHAMPAGNE" Opening Exhibition

"Champagne" now showing through August 24th, 2014.
Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday: 11am - 6pm, Sunday: 12pm - 5pm

Verge Center for the Arts is pleased to present our first exhibition in our newly remodeled space, "Champagne," curated by San Francisco visual and performing artist, Yarrow Slaps.

A nod to both the celebratory nature of Verge's long anticipated re-opening, as well as the exuberant nature of many of the works in the show, "Champagne" will include artists both emerging and established from a variety of backgrounds. Many of the artists featured in "Champagne produce works that are solidly grounded in a street art aesthetic, interweaving pop culture references with both fine art and low brow sensibilities. From Clorophilla's vividly ambiguous photographs, to Dustin Fosnot's clever micro installations, and Spencer Keeton Cunningham's minimalist murals, each artist in the show exhibits a distinctly different approach to their work. This exhibition will draw artists both global and national to the region, including those who hail from as nearby as San Francisco and as far away as Italy. The exhibition is not only a coming out party for Verge and the sixteen artists featured, but also a celebration of youth culture and ideas.

"Champagne" features:
Brett Amory
Spencer Keeton Cunningham
Angela Dalinger
Don't Fret
Harley Lafarrah Eaves
Dustin Fosnot
Michelle Guintu
Justin Hager
Chad Hasegawa
Sean Newport
Luke Pelletier
Delfina Piretti
Rye Purvis
Yarrow Slaps
Alfred Vidaurri
Shawn Whisenant 

"Champagne" will open from June 5th to August 24th. Hours of Operation beginning June 6th:
Wednesday - Saturday, 11am - 6pm
Sunday, 12pm - 5pm 

BIG Day of Giving!

At the Verge Center for the Arts your gift makes a big difference. Through grass roots support we have been able to establish our new arts center which will be opening to the public on June 5th. 

Today is the BIG Day of Giving. Donate to Verge as part of a 24hr fundraising effort to continue the momentum. Donating between 6pm and 7pm will help us with the Dinner Time Challenge. Go to

Thanks for giving, and supporting your local arts center!