BIG Day of Giving!

At the Verge Center for the Arts your gift makes a big difference. Through grass roots support we have been able to establish our new arts center which will be opening to the public on June 5th. 

Today is the BIG Day of Giving. Donate to Verge as part of a 24hr fundraising effort to continue the momentum. Donating between 6pm and 7pm will help us with the Dinner Time Challenge. Go to

Thanks for giving, and supporting your local arts center!

Educational Opportunities are Coming!


STUDIO ART CAMP is just around the corner!!!! Verge’s first kids art camp is launching this summer in partnership with the Center for Contemporary Art Sacramento. The Studio Art Camp will provide the opportunity for students ages 11 to 14 to learn from Verge artists such as Linda Miller, Alek Bohnak, Chelsea Greninger and Sue Silvester with hands on art making experiences in everything from installation art to claymation. This one of a kind camp marks the beginning of our expanded educational programming in our new classroom. 

Verge’s mission to provide resources to emerging artist extends to young artists as well. As such we are excited to partner with Staging a Miracle, a local non-profit that offers artistic enrichment to economically disadvantaged families in order to offer scholarships to kids who would not otherwise have access to the Verge summer program. There are still some openings for the camp and we welcome you to register. See you this summer!

WHEN: Session One: June 16th - 20th Session Two: June 23rd – 27th
10am - 3pm

For ONE week 
For BOTH weeks:


It just keeps getting better…. Beginning in late May Myrtle Press will be offering a screen printing class for teens and adults. Myrtle Press, in collaboration with Verge, is offering an intro to screen printing class. This is a four-day, multi-color printing lesson with printmaker Joanna Kidd. Register early and secure your spot!

WHEN: May 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th. 1pm - 4pm

FEE: $140 ($110 tuition, plus $30 for materials)

Sweet Nothings

Sometimes all the new changes in the building blur the reality that we've actually been occupying this space for the past 4 years. Over the course of these 4 years we've developed a surprising number of little graffitos. As Verge's structure tightens the possibility that we once had an artist occupying the upstairs bathroom as her own studio feels like fantastic lore. The wonderfully talented and beyond pleasant Ilah Rose was our lavatory dweller and her name remains on the wall upstairs. 


Four years of open studios can generate a lot of bibs and babs on the walls too like "future studios" making way for "current studios."

In addition to studio musings our subcontractors have contributed to the messages in more obscure ways. Salo and Priscilla will now exist for posterity's sake under a thick layer of drywall sealant and paint. TLA guys.


In other wall news, while some get painted and waxed nostalgic on, still others are being ripped out entirely. Interval Press' old space is making way for our new lift!















In order to become handicap compliant we've had to make a lot of big changes around here. In addition to a new wheelchair lift our front entrance got a big facelift last week. Sadly, the two ambitious soles who rushed out the moment we stopped gaurding the drying cement managed to carve their initials in the same spot designated for a handrail. Sorry guys...

Complimenting our swank new ramp are a lovely set of glass doors one of the few and very welcome natural light sources in the building.

Bobcattin' around.


In other door shuffling news the bane of our existence went away last week when the batter old roll up door in alley got replaced with a door in good repair from our future classroom. Not only does this mean the "new" door will now close all the way, we can also arm it again since it will make its way all the way to the ground. Not dodging the chain as it flew off the track while we tried to close it will be a welcome change also. Things are feeling so fancy.

roll removal

Here's what the classroom roll up got replaced with!!!

Also, this past month.... AC!!!!!!!! Nothing spells relief during a Sacramento summer like climate control. 

AC Crane

Last but not least, it's really exciting anytime remnants of the old space can be recycled into the new Verge. Here we have what was the roll up door from our old loading dock brought back into the new gallery. Just like last time this means we will be able to bring in large scale sculpture and installation into the space. 

As all of this excitment draws to a close we're getting nearer to the end of our $50 membership promotion. Don't forget to follow the link to the right and sign up so you can join the Verge family before our first exhibiton opens!

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Movin' on up

Recently, I made it to work just in time to snap a quick pic of the below before it was studded over in anticipation of a new gallery wall. As the reality of Verge's progress settles into all of us it is now the past that seems unreal. In the late spring of 2010 right after Verge took possesion of the building we hatched the crazy idea of hosting a rummage sale to keep the place afloat as we raised funds to reopen the building.

The initiative for this scheme was symbolically launched by designating an area under the mezzanine to begin collecting donations. Thus began the first of 3 "Jumble Sales" and I thank god we closed the book on the last one in the fall of 2012. To anyone out there starting a non-profit trust me when I say a rummage sale is a real mixed blessing. That said, it worked, and efforts like those along with myriad other hairbrained schemes got us to the where we are now. 

Where we are is in a newly painted, carpet cleaned, HEATED, and furnished office! 

Goodbye hideous skin-tag-colored walls!

And filthy, filthy carpet. There was a warped catharsis in changing this silty fill tank about 49 times. 


Our fearless board president hard at work.

Rich our contractor painting the office door black with oil based paint after I had already painted half the door with waterbased. These sorts of hijinx keep it interesting or something like that... 

We mined the various donated cans of paint we've received over the years to come up with the color for our other door. In the absence of a window atleast the sliding warehouse door is sky colored. 

Mission completed and surveying our progress before the big clean up.

Meanwhile in the gallery our buddy Matt is lending his expertise on our new lighting system by measuring our lamps. Dig that groovy tenebrism why don't ya! (art nerd humor, what can I say?)

From now on our construction blog updates will be happening on this site. In order to handle more image heavy blog content while we worked to get our website upgraded we threw together a little blogger site which you can check out here. For other event news and updates check out the rest of the site and we'll see you at Verge in May!

TV Dinner 2- SOLD OUT!

Yes, Sacramento, TV Dinner is sold out! See you May 10th!

SOLD. OUT. Thanks, Sacramento!

(Procrastinators, keep an eye out on our site for possible ticket releases!)

Our grand (re)opening gala is happening Saturday, May 10th, and your support for this event will ensure the success of Verge's inaugural year of programming, the launch of our summer kids art camp, and exhibition programming. This year will include a silent auction and live auction, with artwork from Verge artists, as well as local and international contemporary artists, such as Stephen Kaltenbach. For those of you who remember 2012's TV Dinner, Chef Michael Thiemann of Mother will be back with another fantastic dinner for us. See you May 10th! 

WHAT: Western Health Advantage Presents: Verge Center for the Arts' Grand Opening, TV Dinner 2
WHEN: Saturday, May 10th (more details below)
WHERE: 625 S Street
TICKETS: $150 per person 

Cocktails and Silent Auction at 5pm.
Seating for dinner at 6:15pm.
Live Auction during dinner.

Sponsored by:
Gately Foundation/Gately Enterprises
Bank of Sacramento
Jeff E. Busch
Lumens Light & Living
RAM Companies
Ravel Rasmussen Properties
Sacramento City Council Members Steve Hansen and Steve Cohn
Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento
David Sobon
Taylor's Market and Kitchen
WestCore Properties


Media Sponsors:
Inside Publications
Sactown Magazine 

Host Committee:
Phil and Ginny Cunningham
Gayle and Scott Govenar
Cheryl and Chris Holben
Allison Joe
Bob Miller and Gail Counts Miller
Catherine Ann Miller
Ali Nadimi
Carlin and Jim Naify
Gloria Naify
Libby and Kevin Sanchez
Jon Stevenson
American River Bank
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Liberty Mutual
Northern California Community Loan Fund
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